Periodontal Disease can create devastating health problems


Periodontal Disease (untreated) can create devastating health problems

Infections in the mouth can play havoc elsewhere in the body. For a long time it was thought that bacteria was the factor that linked periodontal disease to other infections in the body; however, more recent research demonstrates that inflammation may link periodontal disease to other chronic conditions.

Research has shown, and experts agree, that there is an association between periodontal diseases and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, treating inflammation may not only help manage periodontal diseases but may also help with the management of other chronic inflammatory conditions.

Integrative Periodontal Medicine- Periodontal Spa
The majority of the dental and periodontal procedures in Dr. Iontcheva-Barehmi’s  office are laser assisted. She has Biolase MD, the most versatile laser, which can be utilized to work with the gums and the teeth, implants and root canals.  The discomfort is minimal to none and the healing is speeded-up. The procedures are often combined with a low level laser and Scenar, which give additional boost to the  healing and removing discomfort.

An unique spa treatment is vitamin C gum rejuvenation.
Just like skin, gums can be rejuvenated for health and  youth . Vitamin C electrophoreses is a unique method used in Europe to prevent recession, boost collagen synthesis, support  and increase the blood circulation leading to firming the gingiva and discontinuing the signs of aging and bleeding. It is part of the integrative protocol for treatment and prophylaxes of periodontitis.

Dr. Iontcheva-Barehmi is certified to use the Perio-protect method: One of the best prophylactic methods for periodontal disease, and subsequently for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some other conditions.

Perio Protect® is a comprehensive method that is customized for individual patients to help manage biofilms, communities of bacteria, growing in the spaces or pockets between teeth and gum tissue. The overall goal of the Perio Protect Method™ is to manage oral biofilm with minimally invasive dentistry for lasting oral health.

The Method is a combination of treatments, including a non-invasive chemical debriding therapy used in conjunction with traditional mechanical debriding procedures. The chemical therapy involves a tray delivery of doctor-prescribed solutions to chemically debride biofilm from the periodontal pocket and alter the pocket’s microbiological environment to disrupt biofilm growth.The standard cleaning procedures in dental offices (e.g. scaling and root planing) help remove plaque and tartar and help reduce bacteria, but unfortunately bacteria reproduce quickly and biofilms regenerate very easily, so it is difficult to control them between office visits.

With the Perio Protect Method, you can place prescribed solutions into periodontal pockets with an appropriately formed, customized dental tray between office visits to help manage biofilm. Although a dentist must choose the most appropriate solution for individual patients, the most commonly prescribed solution with the Method has oxidizing and oxygenating agents. Oxidizing agents debride (chemically remove) the slimy protective coating of a biofilm and its underlying layers and also cleanse the oral wounds.

Dentists may choose to treat the oral wounds with the chemical debriding and cleansing agents before mechanical debriding procedures to help reduce bacterial populations and thus reduce the risk of introducing bacteria into the bloodstream during mechanical debridement.

For most people following the Perio Protect Method, the placement of prescribed solutions into a periodontal pocket via a customized prescription tray requires only minutes each day. Patients describe the tray delivery as comfortable and appreciate its non-invasive technology.

The actual combination of mechanical treatment, chemical therapies, and prescribed treatment plan is determined by a dentist evaluating your specific conditions.

Dr. Iveta Iontcheva-Barehmi DMD, Ms, DSc, is a Certified Periodontist in Wilcodontics.

Wilcodontics is a faster than traditional approach to orthodontics. For complete information please contact Dr. Iveta at  (617) 868-1516

Magnified Healing

In this time of important earth and cosmic energy shifts, mankind now has an opportunity to enter into a creation consciousness. And as Planet Earth is approaching its transformation into a body of light, so too humanity needs to begin its transformationation into higher vibratory dimensions. In order to accomplish our ascent into Oneness, we need to heal ourselves at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual.

An ancient healing modality was introduced to earth in 1983.  In 1992, under the direct intervention and inspiration of Lady Master Kwan Yin, Magnified Healing® of the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE was brought forth into its expanded form for the spiritual advancement of Humanity and the Earth.

Magnified Healing® establishes a constant flow of energy from your heart to the Source, the All That Is, the Infinite Mind, the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE, through all of the Spiritual Centers, down to the Diamond at the Center of the Earth. The link spirals and brings a deep state of grace pulsing forth from the Source, laying the very foundation for the Ascension process.

“Many forms of healing are “healer focused” meaning that the seeker must go to a physician, priest, temple, shaman or other place to receive healing”.* In most vibrational healing methods, the healing is channeled and directed through the healer.  In Magnified Healing®, the practitioner creates the energy with GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE and becomes Magnified Healing.  It is a total empowerment.

* Excerpt from “Magnified Healing… A New (Ancient) Perspective” by Jan Bennett

At the present time, there are over 79,000 Initiates of this powerful and universal method in 85 countries and 48 states in the U.S.

*Taken from Official Magnified Healing Website

SCENAR therapy

SCENAR-therapy is effectively applied for treatment of headaches (caused by brain vessels spasm, over-strain and contusion), nervous exhaustion, depression, pain syndromes of neurologic character, muscle spasms, initial stages of any inflammatory process, impotence caused by nervous exhaustion. These are conditions of functional disorders, i. e. disorders of functioning.

SCENAR-therapy is not a panacea. Above all, its action is aimed at normalization of the disordered body functions, while providing harmony in the body and stimulation of its defense potentials.

Considered as a biological object, a human body is an organized complex of functionally related cells, tissues, organs and systems. Their correlation provides vital functions of the body under constantly modifying conditions.

A human body may be considered as a system with a number of subordinate according to a certain hierarchy feedbacks. This system is half-open to external environment. The biological system is constantly exchanging its substance, energy and information with the external environment. Conditions of the environment are continuously changing, which may require maximum use of the adapting abilities of a human being.

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Laser Periodontal Disease Treatment

A patient friendly treatment of periodontal disease using the latest technology.

We are happy to offer our patients the advantages of Laser PDM. It offers many benefits including returning to a lifestyle you are accustomed to in a timely manner.

How Does It Work?

Tartar, associated with inflammation and occasional bleeding gums, is removed from the root surface of the tooth using an ultrasonic scaler and small instruments. Continue reading “Laser Periodontal Disease Treatment” »

Low level laser therapy

Low level laser therapy is the application of laser light over injuries and lesions to stimulate healing within those tissues. Lasers are best known for their ability to cut, but do not confuse Low Level Lasers with cutting or high powered lasers!

Low level lasers, under various names such as cold laser, soft laser, biostimulating laser, photo stimulationdiodes and many others, have been used for over 30 years in many countries as therapeutic energy to bring about favorable biological effects in both animals and humans.

Over 3000 worldwide studies show that LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is totally safe. The Q1000 low level laser is registered with the FDA as a Class I device based on research completed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Class I devices present minimal potential for harm to the user, and are generally classified as NSR (non-significant risk) devices. These 3000 studies on the Q1000 laser further verify the safety of LLLT as conducted in worldwide research over the past 30 years.

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